Inner court of Art Nouv. villa

camelia japonica

The courtyard paving of this villa needed to be redone, to eliminate water runoff into the garage level, and the client decided to also entirely redesign the space. A large mound at one end of the garden posed a special challenge; other requirements were for an area of lawn, and privacy screening. The space was subdivided into two parts: a “dry” wooden deck, and a lawn area. Both were raised above the grade of the house, for technical reasons and to allow the lawn more soil. On the deck, custom planter boxes of tall evergreens partially screen the view along the property boundary, with Malus ‘Red Sentinel’ interspersed among them to add movement. The deck is divided into two rooms: an eating area underneath a cedar wood pergola, and a sitting area protected by a cream roller sun shade. The mound was formed into a raised bed – echoed by a smaller one upon the lawn – with two olive trees planted on top. Dichondra quickly covered the available ground around their base. Behind the trees, the wall of the annexe, accessed from the garden, is covered with Agapanthus and other climbers. A beautiful Punica granatum (pomegranate), the only existing plant retained, stands on the lawn. The new design also includes a small sunbathing deck with shower, set between the property walls and the raised bed, and a small kitchen garden.

Photographs by Dario Fusaro.

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