Garden in the Langhe

Euphorbia characias2
Perovskia Atriciplifolia
Taxus baccata

An extensive project site that included: the entrance to the villa, an area of sloping ground, the main terrace, a deck with water jet pool, and a kitchen garden. The owners allowed a great deal of design freedom – specifying only that there should be a level area of lawn, and an outdoor water jet pool.
At the front of the villa, a striking pattern of Buxus sempervirens leads up to the front steps of the house. The area underneath the two magnificent existing trees, an oak and a beech, is planted with shade-loving ground covers in a meandering line: Ophiopogon japonicus, Pachysandra terminalis, Muscari armenicum.
The slope is entirely filled with a mixed border that includes Perovskia atriplicifolia, Cotinus varieties, Euphorbia characias and ornamental grasses. A large wooden deck makes area outside the kitchen more functional. Custom planter boxes divide the deck into rooms, to form an eating area and a seating area, shaded by large patio umbrellas. The aromatic herbs, ornamental grasses and flowering annuals in the planter boxes are offset with Acer japonicus in large terracotta pots. Adjoining this is a sunbathing deck with a water jet pool and bathing cabin, screened by a thick Taxus baccata hedge. The deck faces onto a level area of lawn that has been left open, except for a few accent trees (Ginko biloba, Liquidambar and Olea europaea). From the garage, a flight of steps leads down to the kitchen garden area, with a small glass-house and a series of beds edged with woven willow, used to grow flowers for cutting as well as fruit and vegetables.

Photographs by Dario Fusaro.